About Us

MEGARES – Technika Połaczeń relies on years? worth of experience of its engineering and sales staff. We offer a dozen thousand connecting and fastening elements (including forced and weldable elements, nut and ripped rivets, pins, bolts, washers, screws, nuts). These products are made in accordance with PN, EN, DIN, ISO, ANSI standards and as per drawings, from a variety of materials, i.e. steel (grades 3.6 through 12.9), rust resistant steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic materials of different (metric and English screw threads).

Quality of products is our priority. We offer both traditional and new connecting technologies as part of diverse forced (threaded pins, bushings, nuts, captive screws) as well as weldable elements (mandrels with inside, outsider threading, unthreaded, weldable screws, weldable nuts), nut and ripped rivets. We also sell such traditional linking technologies as: pins (straight, conical, spring-type, and grooved), washers (round, spring-type, flexible, wedge, tab, distancing, thrust, bolt), nuts (hexagonal, self-retaining, square, castellated, acorn, cap, etc.), screws, and bolts.

All our domestic and international partners run their quality management systems ISO 9000/9001. Our management also follows these procedures.

Mobility, flexibility, and reliability are our strongest assets. Our terms are negotiated on an individual basis as customer satisfaction is the main driving force of our operations.
We not only supply linking elements but also, basing on experience and in-depth know-how, provide engineering consultancy and logistic al system, including the two-bin system KANBAN. We hope our product range and scope of operations will be up to your expectations.